Lex Shcherbakov

Director. Choreographer. Teacher.


He studied at the faculty of theater directing at the Institute of Contemporary Art.

Free artist since 2003 works in the field of physical theater, dance theater, and inclusive projects.

Since 2007 he has been one of the members of the organizing committee of the festival of inclusive theater «Proteater».

Since 2010 he has been actively teaching theater theory to students at various universities, as well as conducting master classes in physical theater techniques and the development of bodily expression for actors, dancers and performers.

He participates in international residencies, projects and laboratories. In Germany, in addition to her creative work, she is engaged in social projects, including the creation of a theater group (Chemnitz), which includes refugees from Ukraine.

Main professional interests: Finding means of bodily self-expression of performer, actor, dancer. Working on the intersection of authentic movement and professional possibilities of the trained body.

An important area of research is also the relationship between the human body and the object world, urban spaces and natural objects. In general he considers the body and bodily activity as an organ and at the same time a way of knowing.


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Choreographer, teacher
Allowing Space
001 Eros
002 Rapunzel
Director, Choreographer
Stay@Home Rapunzel
016 Verstikungen
001 Flausen
Resident Participant
Flausen Chemnitz
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Through The Truth
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talentCampus Mülheim an der Ruhr
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Scholarship Бükü Leipzig
Group Leader
Open Chemnitz